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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 10-6-2007 at 5:01am
I currently have a programming project that is due at midnight on sunday. I have been working on it all week. It is worth 10% of my grade. It currently totals well over 1,000 lines. I thought I'd be able to finish it by tonight. I was wrong.

As I see it, I have either written a complete mess that I will need to scrap and completely redo, or I have written acceptable code, but the compiler I am using is glitching on me and I will need to re-enter it anyways.

Either way, I still have a diagram that I am required to make.

Either way, I still need to make a file to compile this bastard in a linux environment.

Either way, I probably won't get to go swimming with my friends on Sunday.

Either way, I am MASSIVELY pissed... this project for being absurdly large... my professor for assigning the project and assuming we would be able to complete it after listening to his broken english and meandering powerpoint slides... my TA's for not being available to help on weekends... MSU for allowing such an unnecessarily difficult class to exist... whoever the hell developed class inheritence in C++... whoever the hell designed Microsoft Visual Studio in all it's glitchy glory, with all it's vague error messages that half the writers of the program probably couldn't decypher...

...and at Charles Babbage for originally proposing the concept of the computer.

In essence, I am so pissed that I could probably rip, not merely one, nor two nor three, nor even 50, but rather 100 kittens in half... ...lengthwise... ...with my bare hands.

Well, wish me luck I suppose.

And if I suffer a complete mental breakdown and wind up either dead or in a permenant coma, well, it was great knowing you all.

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10-06-07 1:02pm

Do you do evals of profs? My greatest revenge is a poor eval.

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Re:, 10-06-07 6:59pm

Yes, I rather look forward to giving him a scathingly bad review.

Incidentally, last night I also discovered that there is a facebook group dedicated to having the curriculum in this class changed. You know, so they don't try to cram a years worth of abstract program constructs into 3-4 months. Seriously, it's like MSU wants Computer Science Majors to flunk out or something.

In any case, I'm pretty sure I'm officially changing my major after this year so I won't have to put up with any more of this crud.

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10-06-07 11:51pm

I love you, friend. You always make me laugh.

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Re:, 10-07-07 3:35am

Yeah, sadly I wasn't really trying to be funny there ^_^;.

Well, okay, the kitten part was supposed to be funny...

Still, I'm glad you drew something positive from my pissed rantings ^_^.

Looking back at them, I must admit I was being a tad overdramatic.

Though, I still might change my major if this class gets any worse.

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