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kunta (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2007 at 5:38pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Hed pe
Subject: What?
Past week has been nothing but work nonsense, for real. This past weekend was busy as hell, stacey and I literally ran our ass's off. I had 32 trips in my inbox when I left monday morning, all from 3 days. Killed some old guy in south greensburg, brings the grand total to 41 deaths, bleh. Had some guy sit in his car and turn it on, fell alseep, tryed to kill himself, no go there, picked him up by his head and tossed him out. He was solid red, hello co2 poisioning, flew him to Pittsburgh, score. Im married to my job and I love it, no wonder my last relationship failed. I work hardcore and have zero fun... ZERO FUN SIR. Really thats not true, stac and I have the loads of fun, we love stupid people.

Rach came and visited me on Thursday and we went to dinner, fun times. then she surprized me and came over sunday too and spent the day with me, I got zero sleep and was cranky but she still dealt with my ass, haha. maybe shes a keeper, hmmmmmmm, Don't know if Im ready for that shit again though, got some thinking to do bout that.

Oct. 27th is comming closer and closer, ordered my ticket online and got ripped off.
Fuck You
Chargedme $6 service charge, $10 for the ticket, bob was pissed so he wrote a nasty letter to everyone. but 16 bucks for a night of fun is worth it. Hallowween bash is gonna rock my face hah. Pretty sure Im going as a women, Kaely is gonna do my makeup for me and go shopping with me this weekend, gonna buy a hot skirt, sexy shirt, sexy bra and some high heels. Thigh High stockings will seal the deal. Im going to look hot as fuck so prepare yourselfs for some awesome pictures of that night kids!

Also in the news we finally got a set home for the Freak Show / BobCam Forums which can be located here:

go register and leave Mikey and Big Bob Something to laugh about :)
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