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runningfreak (profile) wrote,
on 10-18-2007 at 9:30am
Current mood: seductive/tired
Change is good. But how much change and I willing to do before I say it is enough. Not too much more I suppose. I dont have much to change. Just little things about myself that piss people off but I cant help that. That situation is something that everybody has to work around. Eventually it will become a learned fact of what not to do when I am pissed off. Your best bet is to leave alone unless I look unto you for support or guidence but otherwise dont bother.

What about me drives you crazy?

I should move the horses back down to the barn. I dont like them being out in the pasture without shelter. The only problem is that their pasture is saturated with water and I dont want them standing in it. So basically it is a lose-lose situation. I dont want the horses be outside without shelter but I dont want to move them back to the barn and deal with hoof absesses. I suppose I should just go with the latter of the two. I would rather have a hoof absess than not have them at all. They are so fricken cute though. I love to snuggle with them. We miss each other. They may come running when I call but I know it is for more than just the carrots that I have in my hand. I am sure of it. But they do love me. Even Sierra. She is just a snuggler. Kind of dingbat sometimes but for the most part she is pretty cool. I am glad we decided to keep her. She is going to make and amazing horse when I get my butt going and keep her on a training schedule. Next spring is the big break. I will get Sierra going to start training her with the cows. I will keep Pete in the best shape of his life for showing and trail riding. I want to do alot of that with him. Trail riding. Keep the showing to a minimum, just because it is hard on him. He loves to show and I will continue to show him. Just not as much. He seemed to get tired this year but we also showed almost every weekend too. My plan is to also get Johnny back in shape and just casually ride him. He feels so much better when he is in shape. I love it when he runs around and plays because he feels good.

Everything happens for a reason, I just wish I knew what that reason was sometimes.
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10-18-07 1:28pm

not quite sure what drive me crazy about you.

i think i am selfish and i had/have this huge crush on you and its going nowhere, its honestly somewhat my fault, not yours and i need to get over it.

so quit trying to change things about yourself, it just isn't right.

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