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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 10-21-2007 at 7:38pm
Life is good. Still. And it seems to always be getting better although it is stressful. Classes are goin good. Except physics...i hate the class as a whole and generally never go. Right now i have a c average, and if that's as bad as it gets, i'm ok with it. Things with Eric are going great. We're booking our trip to Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday! I'm beyond excited. Other interesting news....we were talking in the car and i was stressing about finding a place to live next year (because the house i'm living in now is being sold, and everyone else seems to have their situations figured out already).....and eric said if he's still up here......that we should think about getting a place. !!!!!!!!! WHAT!??!?! ERIC talking about getting a place together???? The guy who constantly says he doesn't think couples should live together before it's been a few years>???!?!?!?!? Talk about throwing a girl for a loop. And when i told Tricia about it, she said he's talked with her about it a few times already!!! Yikes, sometimes the boy confuses me. He did say 2 bedrooms when i asked though, which i like. We'd probably never use the 2nd one, but it'd still BE there, in case we got frustrated with each other, or if one of us really needed a good nights sleep or something. Just in case. Of course, i have NO clue if this is even possible to think of happening, because he still doesn't know what he's doing come May. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! He did apply to the one company up here, but they said he wouldn't hear from them for a few weeks.

And then i've got my own doubts as to what's going on with ME. I really wanted to graduate in 4 years......once i realized i COULD do it, i latched onto that idea. But i'm starting to think it's just not going to be possible. I've got work and a TON of hard classes to take. Plus, most of them overlap, so i wouldn't be able to take them in the same semester. ARGH. The extra semester would be good for my GPA too....let me really boost it up before i attempt to get into grad school. I just don't know. There are way too many variables right now. Every time i try sorting them out, i just get overwhelmed.

I'm soooooo sleepy. I didn't work out this weekend and it's really bogged me down. Plus my sleep cycle has been off lately so that's throwing me all out of whack. But i have a meeting to go to in an hour and then a little more homework.........bleh.

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