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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 11-4-2007 at 2:50pm
SOOOOOOOOOO many good good things to talk about.....i don't even know where to start!!! (I'll attempt to go in chronologic order....keep it semi-straight) :-P

* We booked our trip!!! I"m SOOOOOOOO excited. Everything's all set, all the confirmations are in order and I can't WAIT!! :-)

*My camera bit the dust finally. One of my friends dropped it and now it doesn't do anything....luckily i was able to salvage my halloween pictures....and i talked to my mom and she's going to get me a new one for an early xmas present so i have a camera when we go toPV.

*I have an AMAZING schedule next semester. Monday and Wednesday I'm only in class for 2 hours!! :-D

*I took out my loan for the Europe trip this summer. 2 whole weeks in Europe with a bunch of friends i've had french with for 3 semesters now :-)

*Best thing of all........Eric said 'i love you'!!!! ahhhhhhh i'd start going into details but then i'd probably blab for 3 pages :-). Basically, we were just talking and he rolled over to me and just quietly said it. I said it back of course after a moment of surprise lol....and i couldn't be happier. It took forever for it to happen, but i know it's heartfelt and real. :-) We couldn't fall asleep that night (friday) because we just kept smiling and talking and playing. One of my favorite nights ever. I'm a lucky girl.

*All this other stuff is less exciting, but still least to me. I'm somehow still in the honors program even though my GPA isn't quite up to par yet.

*I passed my last physics test with a B!!! Trust me, if you knew how much i hated that class, you'd understand.

*...i almost forgot this one but it's SUPER amazing....i get to start working with one of my professors this summer in his lab. He's badass too, supersmart old guy (probably 50ish) with a little gold earring in his ear and a great sense of humor. I can't wait to start doing research with him. It's a GREAT opportunity.

*hehehehe...this is little and mundane, but i'm excited about it. I finally went to the public library here and got a library card. :-D Now i have a whole world of books to enjoy whenever i please....and the library is GORGEous.

*ohhhhhhhhh i suppose that's i'm off to eat and probably do more orgo grade sorta depends on it lol....but i love doing the work. :-)

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