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lisa3019 (profile) wrote,
on 11-5-2007 at 8:49am
That's what's been going on.
I'm pretty sure my life is fake.

Mom's funeral.
So many people.
I don't even remember it.
Just remember taking a million xanax.
It was fake, anyways.

The night of, Liz was with Ben and Sarah Bishop saw them together so to start trouble, she text Ben.
The night of his girlfriend's mom's funeral??????
My dad says people like that don't have hearts.
and then the girl's mom called my house and I answered and I tried to be adult about it but she... wasn't.
She just said this all has to stop.
I said it had to come from both sides and it would stop from my sister if it stopped from her daughter.
I didn't even really know what was going on. All I know is that my sister had Ben locked in the bathroom and she was beating him up and he was yelling for help.
Liz wouldn't tell us what was going on and I found out when the mom called my house.
She said she wanted to talk to my dad, I was like, "it was our mom's funeral today, he's had a rough day, we've all had a really hard couple of days and he is sleeping."
She said, "i know and i'm very sorry to hear that but i need to talk to him." what a bitch??
at one point she was like, "sarah talking to a boy does not mean anything."
i was like, "well in most cases i would agree but sarah has sex with every boy she talks to."
she was like, "you have sex with bubby!!"
i was like, "uhhh...well he has been my best friend since 7th grade, my boyfriend for like almost three years and my son's father..."
she said, "i know and i feel really sorry for you.."
i interrupted her, "don't feel sorry for me, we're happy but this doesnt concern me in any way except that i've gotten caught up in it at 2am and my sister is in hysterics... i'm just looking for a way to settle it."
she wanted to talk to me dad... again... what a bitch.
In the morning my dad said something like, "ohh i'll call her alright, she'll be sorry she wanted to talk to me."
that's when he said the part about people like that not having hearts.
we all were yelling at my sister to leave ben alone and told him the girl was a liar.
my dad yelled at her and told her since the girl can't get to me she tries to get to liz.
my sister stopped and they were fine.
except for ben's black eye.
we all made fun of him for that.
but we definitely agreed he's a good guy for putting up with that.
we would've slammed her. haha.

leanne and michelle came from chicago but leanne had to fly out two days later for work.
michelle is still here, actually.

we were in wal-mart one day and she sees this hot chocolate.
she was like "he looks good!" i was like, "i knew you were gonna say that."
beacuse.. well.. he did.
soo.. we were finishing up our shopping when we noticed he was following us.
we were about to turn down an aisle when I turned around and he was staring at us.
i was like, "girl he's lookin at you!!"
so we turn down the aisle and he mustve ran because he was at the other end of it when we got there.
i thought for sure one of them were going to say something to the other and then he looked at me and was like, "what's good? what's your name?"
haaa.. i'm standing there, pushing a cart full of food, holding a bottle in a baby's mouth. i was like, "haha, i have a boyfriend." he was like, "i can't get your number?" i was like, "no but you can get my sister's number."
he asked her how old she was. she told him 23. he said he thought she was way young.
soo they got each others numbers and before we were out of the store he was texting her about chillin that night.
haha she was telling jayce, "babe, ya mama's a pimp!!!!"
haha i was so embarassed i was like, "only because he thought you were 16!!!"

other than that, it's been crazy with liz suspended every time she goes to school.
i think we are going to get her homeschooled or phase 4 or something because it's ridiculous. i think mr z is looking for reasons to get her in trouble.

plus, she is going to court for harassment charges because i guess she grabbed a girl up at a game and said something to her and then told her again in school or something like that. well, it was with good reason. the girl said, "it's liz's fault. she should've been in the hospital with her mom instead of out getting drunk."
????????? you don't say that.
we weren't allowed to see her.
and when liz DID see her, she had to run out crying because it was horrible.

the girl told the police she said, "i feel bad. it's too bad liz couldn't have been with her mom more."
he knew she didn't say that.
but he cited liz so it could be taken in front of a judge.

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