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caity_024 (profile) wrote,
on 11-9-2007 at 11:08pm
I find myself thinking longingly back on last year.....when i was WASTED 4 days out of the week. We just always had something to do lol. Life was a blur, yes, but I ahve some of my FAVORITE memories from those times.......weird, huh? I wouldn't actually like to be wasted that much anymore.....I just miss the fun. Now everyone's starting to get bogged down with LIFE.....graduation and growing up and actually having to do good in school, instead of just scraping by. But I'm glad I got that whole YEAR of total slack fun drunk extravaganza....staying up late and watching the sun come up through hazy eyes....hahaha. And I obviously wouldn't be me without it. I find myself wondering too if my friends back home would consider me different. It's an interesting thought.

My sister yelled at me for not looking at grad schools back in illinois. She wants me to move back there after i finish here. And i just don't know if i iwant to do that. I would LOVE to move out to Colorado. Get away from everything I know and go see something new. For a girl who used to HATE change, I find myself occasionally embracing it. I don't know. It would be great to stay near my mom. And my sister and nephew. I know I for sure dont want to stay ANYWHERE too close to Marengo for sure. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I DONT KNOW. lol

Alright, i'm gonna go to bed i think....SUPER early for a fricken friday night, it's only 1130....but i've gotta go to biolife in the morning and study more....bleh.

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