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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 11-27-2007 at 6:43pm
Current mood: angry
Music: Mute Math - Typical
Subject: First Post
Well i guess seeing how Lau sent me an invitational link to start my own blog, i supposed i had better make good use of it and see where it goes.

Ok first off, i was having a good day. I had a meeting with my lecturer - head of course lecturer - who went through what the examiners look for in a major project, so know i feel a whole lot better about the whole thing and i might actually come out of this with a degree. woot.

However, this means i cant go ice skating tonight as i have to start doing research, and i have a shit load to do, so yeah, missing out on that, but i am going with Laura and Rachel (and some of Laura's friends) on the 8th of December when Rach comes to stay, so should be good

Then i came home, and after about an hour or so i find out that the electricity company we had in our house last year has sent a debt collection notice to one of my house mates' parents house back in Cornwall because apparently we havent paid a £350 bill or something. So we spent most the evening talking about that and trying to contact the electricity company. Sucks. Now we have to go to the shitting letting agency tomorrow and find out what is going on exactly and why we didnt know about it as much as we should have and why they are giving out our home addresses to companies without telling us.

So i am rather angry right now.

Anyway, there is footy on tonight so that will cheer me up hopefully.

In other news, the design for my first tattoo is complete and i am hoping to get it when i go back home for christmas, and hopefully am getting it done with Rachel... should be fun!

Tattoo Design - each coloured star represents one of my closest friends, ignore the red outline with no fill, its not meant to be there. I am getting it on my left upper arm, but havent decided on the outside or inside yet...

As a final note, i would much appreciate if you could all sign my petition to try and get the FA to at least consider giving the vacant England football (soccer) managerial/coach position(s) to Ian Wright and/or Alan Shearer. Who else would be more suited for the job? Ok so they have a lack of experience, but everyone has to start somewhere and they can't be worse than Steve McClaren can they? Plus what they don't have in experience they more than make up for with passion, and that is what us English people want to see the most, a passionate manager.

Link: Petition for the new England Football Manager
If you do sign, thanks very much
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11-27-07 7:20pm

very pretty.
how do you put pictures up?

please help me make mine pretty too?

i signed ur petition and i love your tatoo design-it will be gorgous when its all jealous mines not finished yet.

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11-28-07 4:17am

hi new kid. welcome.

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