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loserkid (profile) wrote,
on 12-4-2007 at 5:11am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: sublime - date rape
Subject: woot.
won $21 in an online poker tournament.

this week i got lots of work to do. have to prepare for a 20minute presentation in front of all my lecturers, and need to get started on some assignments.

yesterday we went xmas shopping, at an outlet centre and it rained and was very windy. i got like 2 presents, thats all, and a t-shirt for myself.

i did get to see laura though. highlight of my weekend i guess. oh and Spurs lost, but they were given a red card, which NOONE thinks should have happened. but thats footy. i think they are appealing against it. good. we better win. Robbie Keane is single handedly keeping Spurs out of the bottom three... and Gareth Bale is injured, again. yeah... nice.
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12-04-07 4:31am could always do your shopping in swansea?
you have the awesome welsh shop for starters and a fairly impressive topshop.
that is all you need.

what should i get cal?

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