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j0seph1ne (profile) wrote,
on 12-6-2007 at 5:30pm
Current mood: lazy
Music: zhi dui ni you gan jue - fahrenheit
Subject: phweee.
mm i think i will be using my blogger a lot more now. i feel bad for it 'cause it's been neglected for too long by me. i'll update my woohu every once in a while now, too. nothing really to update about, though.

OH. except i think i may have witnessed the cutest thing today. idk if they knew i was listening, but yeah.
*we are outside and it's raining*
lance: you didn't bring a jacket today?
myles: nahh.
lance: you wanna wear mine?
... and then myles ruins it...
myles: man, that's hecka gay!

aww. i've never heard of a guy giving his jacket up for another guy before. it's cute :]
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