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brucerey43 (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2007 at 11:31pm
Well, It's been a few months since I've updated this. I update my livejournal all the time now. But for anyone who reads this which probably isnt anyone i dont think, im not drinking or depressed or any of that. And the girl i referred to in my previous entry. Yeah we haven't really talked much since then, i mean i had to call her on my birthday and she wished me a happy 21st but it was forced and she didnt even come out with me. Most of my friends are living in Tampa now while im here, I'm going the working and college route. And they seem to be going the get drunk/high don't work and drop out of college and live life as it will end tommorow route. I really dont care much that im still in fort myers, for as hard and as long as I've worked i really dont have anything great to show for it. But in two years i should have a degree debt free without any help from anyone except the government. These scholarships are really saving me from financial ruin, without them i would almost definetly have a second and maybe even a third job. I'm really leaps and bounds ahead of where anyone in my family or even people im around daily seem to be. I'm really hoping this degree gives me some financial security in life, and keeps me away from the ruthless part of captalism a bit. I've lived poor my entire life, and now i have at least some money. Enough to survive and take care of my basic needs. I'm tired now. But anyways for anyone who reads this heres a link to my lj.
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