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wonderelf (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2007 at 8:02pm
Music: avenged sevenfold-afterlife
Subject: merry christmas! :]
merry christmas to everyone! :]

wow. it's been such a long time since i've posted here. i really do want to start keeping a journal again even IF nobody ever reads it. i bleed emo all over aim conversations with friends of friends and think that maybe i should just write it all down in a journal. that way, i don't feel like i'm forcing it on anyone to can leave the page if you want. ;]

so, was nice, i was dreading going back to my dad's at first but it wound up being amazing. he actually seemed grateful to see me back at his house instead of with my mom for the week. i think that when i go away for a few days, he actually might miss me. wishful thinking?

anyways...when i woke up for christmas here with my mom and john, i opened my presents here...<3 i got some clothes from american eagle, an ae gift card, a purse, a pac sun gift card, harry potter and the order of the phoenix, a few little giraffe things, a candle, an air freshner for my car (lol), little miss sunshine, choke and invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk, a7x's new cd (i held out - something i'll never do again no matter HOW close to the holidays it is!!), hurt's old cd, personalized earphones for my ipod (they're amazingly cute, with a heart engraved with my name and swarovski crystals), a swarovski bracelet, and a few other things here and there that i'm really, really, REALLY thankful for. i loved it all!!

THEN, i went to my dad's and grabbed my stocking, completely unexpecting what was in there - my dad is paying a new membership for me to the ymca (tiff - my stepmom - too, so i have added motivation), tiff bought me a gift certificate for the most effective car wash/detail/body shop in town (god knows i need them to detail my car), i had $100 in gas cards, an itunes card, another air freshener for my car (maybe they're trying to tell me something), a lip gloss, some cards, but the thing that made me bawl my eyes out - literally, tears of joy - i opened up a letter and there was a gift certificate paid in full via credit card from my dad to get my windows re-tinted. <3

there were also some cute little things to take along in my purse in my stocking (like a nail kit - i'm ALWAYS asking if someone has a nail clipper) and a set of toe rings (which i loveeee). but then we went upstairs and i saw a freaking hoarde of presents under the tree, which as any kid would make you happy, but i was definately convinced that my dad and tiff could've just gave me my stocking this year and i'd have been the happiest soul alive...well, i unwrapped some fuzzy boots (with pom poms!), some clothes, some typical girl stuff (lotions, etc. - which i also got at my mom's), a kickass weather book (<3 nerd lol), a really neat looking lamp (with feet as the base), a $200 alpaca sweater which is probably the most amazing and expensive garment of clothing i've ever had and will ever have, a vera bradley checkbook cover, and of course, the other thing that made me cry - a year long subscription to xm radio. i had a receiver and gift card ready for activating my xm <333 all wrapped together, and my dad and i are supposed to go out thursday before i have to go to work so that they can install it.

this truthfully WAS the BEST christmas EVER. for once, my dad didn't make my cry by saying something horrible to me - maybe now that i typically live with him every day of the month really IS helping our relationship more than i know. i still miss living with my mommy, though. :] she's my hero and means the world to me. i hate being away from her and missing every beat.

guess i better get used to it though - it just dawned on me today that i leave for college in 8 months.

well, merry christmas everyone!! hope everyone has a great one :]
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