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liz (profile) wrote,
on 1-6-2008 at 2:58am
just the line
"im already pregnant, really what other shenanigans can I get into"
that line by itself has me dying to see Juno with ellen page.
anybody who has seen it throw your opinion at me because honestly this is one of the those movies that if it sucks I am going to be really pissed because im so excited for it
I wish I had some money
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01-06-08 4:10am

my friend sami said it was great.

i wanna see it.

i would lol

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01-06-08 10:42am

you still havent seen it? wtf man give me a call and we'll go fix that then

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01-06-08 12:28pm

the movie is amazing you'll die of laughing the whole way through
definately go see it

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