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aaron (profile) wrote,
on 1-10-2008 at 8:13am
Current mood: peaceful
Music: The Whaler
"I am not alone
But powerfully alive
so that desperate fear
pales and fades
before desperate love"
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02-10-08 12:15pm

Did I grab my movie that one night Gabe and I came over.. last year or so..?

I can't find it, just wondering if you still had it.

What's new?

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Re:, 02-10-08 8:43pm

I'm pretty sure it's not here, but I'll look around tonight. We're remodeling and a bunch of stuff got put in storage, so if I do have it then it's most likely in there, so if I find it when we move back in (sometime in March, probably) I'll let you know.

Not much is new...I'm training for track, my band is playing on Thursday and Saturday, I'm taking AP and running start classes that eat up the majority of time.

How about you? What's happening these days?

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