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blair (profile) wrote,
on 1-15-2008 at 12:47am
The tamales turned out great. The chicken ones were by far, the best. Cheese & Jalapeno came in second, followed by chicken & cheese, pork, and beef. The beef were just too spicy for me, but my boss loved them. It took four days to cook all of the tamales, and they never all got eaten. I threw away at least three dozen because I'm not good about wrapping & freezing things. Ugh. I am so bad about wasting food. I also threw away a dozen cinnamon rolls, 6 delish biscuits, and some Christmas cookies. I baked a huge cake and then let it sit there for five days before deciding to take it to my parents since we were never going to eat the darn thing. So yes. We are huge food wasters.

I'm going to make chocolate-cherry muffins. I'm taking half the batch to the neighbors, I think. (Or I could just make half a batch, but where would the fun be in that?)

I act like I still live at home. Cooking for 6 and baking for huge drunken partygoers.

We scrubbed the house on Saturday (in-between cat adoptions & my husband's party). I re-arranged the dining room for the sixth time since we moved in. I've been meaning to play Wii since Friday and it just hasn't happened.

I want to do more things than I have time to do like starting new meetup groups and volunteering at the animal shelter and re-learning how to ride my bike and networking with other fosters on community-based websites to showcase all of our fosters to encourage other people on the community to adopt someone.

I've wanted to create more of an anon-presence online. But I've never been good about being anonymous.

I want my blog entries to mean something, again.

I need to find a new host. My scum-of-the-earth hosts finally "cancelled" my paypal subscription. I'm so fed up with them and extra hesitant to trust any host, especially one I pay for. I've been doing my research on new hosts but nobody really stands out to me.
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