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holiday (profile) wrote,
on 5-10-2002 at 11:53am
Subject: In the lab...bwah hahaha
I'm goin to prom, i'm goin to prom, i'm goin to prom, hey hey hey hey
yeah. thats my little ditty dance or what not for what a *absolutely great* day i'm having!!! I'm so happy, i could burst! :)
Nothing could ruin my day.
I'm goin to ride in a limo, to a party, i got my prom ticket, i'm going to see Dustin :)
I'm gonna dance with him. hmmm...yah!!!! I'm so happy, and repetitive! Spanish, 3rd hour was the best! Thank you again Kevin! hahaha. :)
Everyone who was there really helped make my day. They are funny people :)
haahahahah. Well, later ;) *kisses*
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