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TaoMan1121 (profile) wrote,
on 2-26-2003 at 10:02pm
Current mood: happy
Music: Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed The Fish?
Subject: you've got to give me two days, and woman, i'll make you a girl. sometimes you've got to rewind to go forward...
Sometimes coincidences are just too coincidental. I ran out of gas tonight, and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in recent memory. Here's the story...

First off, all of the Oldsmobile cars that I've encountered (which would be two) have very misleading gas indicators. I've known this, and I always try to fill up before the line gets to the yellow/orange area. Well, you know me and my laziness, I waited just a little too long to stop by the station; the prices lately haven't exactly been inviting, either. I arrived to work today after a mad dash to get there on time before I was busy doing a home training program for them. As I arrived at my destination, the car began to sputter out, but I figured I would have enough to start back up and run to the gas station after work. I went on with my shift without much excitement, however, my day did take an upward turn when I found a small wad of money on the floor. I quickly grabbed it and put it in my pocket and proceeded pretending that I was doing something of some use. I clocked out around nine and went out to the parking lot. Turned the key... no deal.

I was about ready to start getting worried at this point, but then I stopped and thought about the situation. Approximately 250 yards from my car was a Meijer gas station (just let the record show, the world would be a horrible place if there were no Meijers). And even less distance away from my car was a home improvement store that conviently supplies gas containers for my situation. I went back into Menards, scroured the Hardware department, and soon found the item I was searching for. I went up to the registers, and the friendly cashier rang me to, telling me that my total was $3.12. I reached into my pocket, and pull out the wad of cash I had found earlier in the day. I counted the money, and found there to be four dollars there, just enough to foot the bill for the gas container. Excited, I walked over to the gas station and filled the 2-gallon container up, paid for my purchase, and then returned to my car, all in the time frame of approximately 15 minutes. I emptied the container and turned the car on again, successful this time, and proceeded once again across the street to fill up the tank. Of course, we'll forgo the fact that it then took another $27.10 to fill up the rest of the tank, but at this point in the game, it really didn't matter.

As much fun as the experience was, the night was capped perfectly when I returned back to the dorms. I went up to Valley 2, searching to find a parking space, drove down to the closest aisle, and conviently some nice fellow/fellowes was backing out of a space just as I was driving by. I pulled in, turned the car off, and started walking. As I was walking, I noticed a pick up that has been driving behind me. The pick-up saw the lights of my car still on (THANK YOU, THEY GO OFF AUTOMATICALLY!), figured someone was backing out, and decided to wait. And wait. And wait. He was still waiting when I started walking down the hill, and for all I know, he might still be waiting there. Hehe.

Thanks y'all for listening to my story. Y'all come back ya' hear?!

Random stupid, funny thing of the day: Joe, my roommate if you live under a rock, was filling out a job application today. As he turned one of the pages, he began to chuckle. I asked was what so amusing, and he replied. He read from application: "Have you ever signed a non-confidentiality agreement with any previous employers? If so, explain." Just take a second to think about that. OK... and... stop.

Sometimes everything just gels and fits together like one big jigsaw puzzle. It's all good.
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