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deloric (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2008 at 10:30pm
as per request, and update.

Jeff and I got sued, went to court (small claims), but the jackass that sued us appealed even though he won, and we have to go back.

GVSU dropped my capstone course that I need to graduate.. so I have to stay in Michigan for another semester.

I don't have a summer job yet but am still looking. Interview coming up.

Can't wait til school is done, can't wait to have some time on my hands.

I've been thinking about becoming a train conductor or a truck driver.

Hope every one is doing well.
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04-08-08 12:49am

What'd you get sued for? And how can he appeal even if he won? Not cool.

I do not want to stay in Michigan any longer either.

Hope everything starts going better for you.

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Re:, 04-08-08 10:48pm

he won $80 but was suing for like 200 in the first place.
He is our old landlord and is suing for damages and back-rent, both which are bullshit claims.

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04-08-08 2:50am

man, i'm so far out of the loop.

glad to hear from you, though. always good. and such a prompt response to my complaints! don't worry, i won't get used to that kind of treatment. ; )


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