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taoman1121 (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2008 at 4:49pm
Things I Currently Fancy
Things That Rock - MI Visit Edition

- free Meijer grocery trips
- Lemonade ICEEs
- My Morning Jacket CDs
- Cinnamon Fire Twizzlers
- 80 degree temperatures
- Clementine Izzes (in a bottle!)
- Ludington/MI Adventure trips
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06-15-08 2:36am

omg get your own personality ;)

Meijer is love.
I saw those Cinnamon Twizzlers today at Walgreens & immediately thought of you.
Soooo love Michigan summer weather more than New York.
Um, no more Izze cheating, mkay?
Ludington Holla!!

Miss you love :-*

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