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faerin (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2008 at 10:49am
Current mood: tired
Music: "It's Not Over" by Daughtry
Subject: So much for bed... o.o
I was bored. So what better to do before bed than randomly go on Bzoink and grab a survey of some sort? o.o Here, have fun.

Friend Survey [Oh Joy! >.>]
Pick 5 friends that come to mind first and answer the following questions. [Don't tell me what to do >.<]

#1: Matt
#2: Jim
#3: Nny
#4: John
#5: Josh

Apparently I'm a tad bit sexist this morning. o.o

How did #1 come to mind first?: Because I love him, and we were just talking two minutes ago.
Have you ever hungout with #3?: Not yet, but maybe some day. It's his birthday today too. ^^
Do you like #5?: Duh. He wouldn't be my friend if I didn't.
Do #5 and #2 know eachother?: Um, they've never met, but they've talked I believe.
Ever have any "sexual" moments with #2?: o.o I only saw him for 3 days. I think that's a pretty big "NO". XD
Who is the dumbest?: Hmm, not sure. Any one of them could kick my ass for calling them dumb, so I'll just go with Matt. Haha!
The smartest?: I'm going to go on a whim and say Jim since he graduated from DeVry. :P
How did you meet #3: The original Other Realm. Which is odd, because I don't think he ever even posted on it. Just randomly AIMed me one day. Lmao.
Does #5 like you?: Uhh, he better. *shakes fist in his general direction*
Who is the craziest?: Oh dear GOD, I can't pick. They pretty much all are! xD
Do #1 and #2 know eachother?: Again, they haven't met but I think they've talked.
Which friend do you like the most?: I'm a bit bias here because Matt's my boyfriend. I can't pick! I love them all. ^^
Is #4 Hot?: Ohhh yeah. He's Papa Pimpernickel, how can he not be? Even Matt wants him.
Ever have a crush on any?: On all of them at one point or another. I've dated 4/5, even though Nny was only jokingly for a weekend. :P
What's your favorite memory with #2: The three days he was here in town!! x3 We need to hang out again.
Ever gone anywhere with #4: Yep. Park, mall, bowling, prom. :)
Have you ever been in a fight with any?: I'm sure all of them at least some point in time.
Has #1 ever seen you nude?: o//o CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.
How did #5 come to mind last?: He's not as special as the others. XD Just kidding. Uhh, I don't know. I just randomly picked people I talked to today.
While you've been doing this survey has anyone else come to mind?: Not really.
Ever kissed or been kissed by #2?: Yes, when we were dating.
Would you date any of them?: I already mentioned dating 3/5, not including the Nny thing.
If so who?: Apparently I would have dated any of them in the past, but at this point in time, just Matt. ^^
Does any of them have a crush on you?: *Shudders at the poor grammar usage* I don't know. Do they? o.o
Do you think #5 would read this survey?: Probably not. He's gay like that.
Is #1 also #1 on your myspace top friends?: Indeed.
Are any of those people your girlfriend/boyfriend?: My GOD, yes. Get on with it already.
Who would you like to see right now out of all 5?: Hmm. *Thinks* Well, I'd suppose Jim since I haven't seen him in years.
Has #3 ever said anything about you behind your back?: Most likely, but hey, I was a psycho 14-year-old back then. Can you blame him?
Do you "like" #2?: Like? Sure. Like? Nah.
Does #5 own a car?: Hahahaha. Surely you're joking. If it were 1-3, I could say yes. But no.
Do you think any of them are gonna repost or take this survey?: No way. Most of them don't even know about this page.
Which calls you the most?: Matt.
Do any annoy you a lot?: Not really.
Ever dated any of them?: Oh dear GOD, SHOOT ME! >< Yes.
which of them last said I Love You?: Matt.
which last hugged you?: Matt.
which last IM'ed you?: Nny / Matt
which of them last hungout with you?: Matt.
Do you worry these people are gonna read what you said about them?: I could care less if they did. XD

Ok, NOW I'm going to go get some damn sleep.

- Fae
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07-04-08 1:30am

Pssh, why the FUCK did you add me? Take me off.

I kid, I kid. It's nice meeting you. <3

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Re:, 07-04-08 6:20am

Lmao! I totally thought you were serious. XD I must have turned off the sarcastic part of my brain for the night.

It's nice to meet you as well. :D

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