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a-demons-angel (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2008 at 10:27am
Music: PRAY--- Till I go blind?
Subject: A little excerpt from the wisdom that is Bill:
Why shouldnít we, as in the human race, do what we want to? Why are we so bound to a life of prejudice and repetition of the same old boring shit to the point that one would actually claim that they hate their life? For fuck sake you only get one. Youíre born, you live, you die, and all that matters is what you did during your life not what others say you are supposed to. The idea of obligation is purely an issue of perspective, one is obligated to do what is necessary to support oneís own way of life. But that is not what we are taught. We are taught that an obligation is something you have to do and they even tell us what those obligations are: go to school, go to some type of church, donít commit crime, listen to your elders, listen to the police, cooperate, get a job, go to work, pay your taxes, listen to the government, do what youíre told, donít ask questions, get married, buy lots of worthless shit, and close your eyes, mouth, ears, and mind. These are all obligations of the delusional vegetables, the fucking nine-to-five commuter mother fuckers, the American dreamers. Those who enjoy it authentically are doing whatís right for them, but the majority of this population are loathsome and lonesome, overweight and underpaid, and eerily ignorant to the nutrient starved bone. Their lives pass by them in clouds of what could have been. And every day they question why but not how or when it can be fixed because theyíve been programmed to follow protocol and to be a component of the machine. The powers donít want a world full of happiness seekers because they would soon find that the happiness seekers are less than interested in furthering the endeavors of the hierarchy. We would all find zero, the middle ground where all are equal and no one person has authority over another and everyone accepts eachother as part of the whole. But then nobody would be in control and there would be no more rich or poor just happy people using their short time on the planet to learn and experience that which interests them not serving those of the hierarchy. We would all realize that reality is a matter of perspective and itís aspects are there and we are charged with finding a way to feel about it. We say right and wrong as if they are natural absolutes like night and day but they are just opinions, perceptions mapped by personal preference. If one feels something is wrong someone else feels it is right who wins? Its natural predisposition which clued me into this view why some of us enjoy something and some of us severely dislike it/ theres obviously a purpose for this natural feeling, like shitting or sex we feel an urge to pursue that which makes one happy. But we are taught not to endulge this urge just like we are told that sex is death by STD. But this urge is undeniable, if you hate something and you donít want to do it that is your brain telling you that what you are doing is not consistent with your inner rhythms and thus should stop and set about doing what suits you. Spend your life how you want contentment and happiness are success.

I'm going to read those words every time I start to feel unbalanced or unhappy.
Why did he have to leave?
He was the best at keeping me level and in the right perspective
He always made it so hard not to see the up side of things or keep my head over the water...
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