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taoman1121 (profile) wrote,
on 11-30-2008 at 9:58pm
Music: Nada Surf - Always Love
Things that occurred to me while watching the Giants today:

- It's probably time for me to pick up Dominik Hixon and Kevin Boss off waivers.
- While I think knowing that games can end in a tie is a must for fans and players alike, I can't blame anyone for not knowing that you can only call for a fair catch with one hand. Penalizing a team 5 yards for making sure defenders know that a player is calling for a fair catch seems a little... nit-picky.
- At this point in the season, 11-1 almost seems preferred to 12-0 (provided we go on to defend our title, of course). Less distractions this way.
- Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Hix is the new Plax. If I'm ready to move on, so should the team.
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11-30-08 10:38pm

I think we should stop investing in Giants jerseys, our name sakes tend to go rogue. >_>

And let it be known that I pretty much developed a love for football because of the Giants. Lions: 0-12. Giants: 11-1. Yes please.

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Re:, 11-30-08 10:41pm

Hey, it's not just the Giants. If Plax ends up being tossed from the Giants (or in jail, for that matter), we'll be 0-3 for jerseys if you include my Billups one.

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Re: Re:, 11-30-08 10:46pm

d'oh and/or touché

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