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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 12-2-2008 at 2:28am
Subject: crossposted
I am very blessed. I have a boyfriend who loves me (and lets me sleep and makes me bagels with cream cheese and turkey (when I don't feel well and when he thinks it sounds disgusting)) and whom I love. I have a family that despite my coming home from a semester in Europe and immediately moving out, still loves me.

I am blessed because I had two Thanksgivings. And I will have two Christmases.

I talked to one of the new student workers today. His father lost his factory job and his mother lost her greenhouse job. Downsizing. He had Spaghetti O's for Thanksgiving. In his dorm room. He says Christmas doesn't look too great either.

I left work crying.

I've always had a Christmas. I've always had a Thanksgiving. No matter how poor my parents said they were that year. I can't imagine not having one. But this kid did. This kid will.
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12-02-08 6:51am

Wow, that's really sad. I'm in a similar position as you, except for the whole semester in Europe thing. Family is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Hats off to family.

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12-02-08 4:40pm

you should invite him over for a little dinner or something so hes not all alone. being alone in your dorm room on holidays is the worst. im lucky that i have family to go home to.

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12-08-08 11:43am

Christmas is as great as you make it. If he doesn't have anyone or for whatever reason he won't have a Christmas, give him one.

Everyone deserves a Christmas. I haven't always had a Christmas, or a thanksgiving, or a birthday, but I'm lucky enough to have surrounded myself with families and people who love me so I know I won't have a thanksgiving, Christmas, or birthday alone unless I want one.

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