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tehwaht (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2008 at 11:27pm
Had the house for about five months or so.
Have a house mate, lame.
Have three kittens and a dog.
Happy at times.

I enjoy living in a house with my own rules.
I enjoy cleaning by my standers.
I enjoy decorating as I would like.
I enjoy my space.
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12-17-08 7:40pm

I'd be a wayyyy hotter house mate.. You obviously didn't think that one through very well.. Oh, except I wouldn't pay rent because I'm too cheap. I guess he's got me there.
I'd enjoy my own space too. I'm so ready to move out except yeah I'm cheap and don't have an awesome boyfriend to move in with like you do! This is me being jealous! :P
I can't wait to see you and hang out again soon. That was loads of fun on Sunday!

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