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bobsaget (profile) wrote,
on 1-19-2009 at 12:42am
Subject: beluga whales.
I was supposed to be in bed about an hour ago.

Who needs sleep?

Oh, yeah. Living things. Darn.

I have absolutely no idea what to blog about. I don't do anything...ever. I guess I could blog about my perpetual laziness, but who wants to read about that? I certainly wouldn't, unless it was written in a dry, sarcastic manner, which I'm not that good that. Here's what it would look like; "I woke up. I ate sausage. I could taste the sausage on my breath the rest of the day, no matter how much food I ate. It was gross."
That wasn't fun to read at all, now was it? It was a million times worse actually writing it, mind you. Oh, the sacrifices I make for your entertainment. And the sad thing is, this isn't entertaining. Or is it? I guess it depends on who you are and how boring your life is.
I like owls.
The song "Delia's Gone" by Johnny Cash is really morbid and a bit disturbing to listen to. I probably shouldn't have it on my playlist. It makes me seem like some creepy serial killer(when are serial killers not creepy?).

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01-19-09 10:13pm

Sausage breath.

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Re:, 01-20-09 3:46pm

That should be my username.

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