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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 1-22-2009 at 1:28am
My birthday week began today (Wednesday) and will continue through the end of the month because it's my birthday week and I say so.

I don't know if everything will go as planned but here's the outline (which will completely change now that I've said it):

Wednesday - THE BIRTHDAY
Dinner with my parents and Nick at some restaurant that I haven't chosen yet. I'm wavering between two Indian restaurants and Chinese food.

Sometime later that week
Ice skating at Patterson ice center/rink down the street. This is the ice skating rink I met Nick at. I got ice skates for Christmas and I've wanted to go back to there for a while now.

At some point Nick's family wants to get together at Jess' house but I haven't heard anything about that in a while.

Friday, Saturday or Sunday
Mini road trip to the new Sonic in Kalamazoo!

Monday or Tuesday the week after next
Logan's with roomies.

I am pumped.

P.S. Nick mentioned that when Obama leaves office we will both be 30. I mentioned that we will also be married and have one or more child. We both commenced freakouts.
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01-22-09 3:14am

happy birthday! sounds like a good week to me!

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01-22-09 7:19am

That's a spectacular idea!


That's weird about the Obama thing. Are you assuming two terms? My kids might be an Obama baby too. I was a Reagan baby. :)

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your week :)

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01-22-09 1:29pm

there is a sonic in kalamazoo?!


i'll break my new years resolution for that.

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Re:, 01-22-09 2:55pm

We need to go there like next week

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01-22-09 3:54pm

I like how you have a birthday week because I can wish you a happy one without it being belated. Happy Birthday!!

I like how you guys are being presumptive w/ the second term. Here's hoping he does a good enough job to earn it.

And, ohmigod, Sonic actually exists?! I've lived in two states, seen numerous ads for it, and have never actually seen one in the flesh. May have to make a trip down there next time I'm in MI just so I can say I actually ate at one. :-)

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Re:, 01-22-09 11:31pm

I KNOW RIGHT! There's one in Flint and they just put one in Portage/Kalamazoo. We already planned on going to Flint but Kzoo is much closer.


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