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TheWalrus (profile) wrote,
on 2-18-2009 at 12:44am
Man.. I've been on the poetic streak of my life. I tried posting all my facebook statuses in poem form, and I'm proud of them :D So here they are for ya'll.

"I am the power that you feel when you start up the machine, the man you wish to have when you fall asleep and dream."

"I am the strength you summon when you wake. The calm that will sooth you at the end when you break."

"I love your marvelous eyes that twinkle so bright, like a crystal that shines and sparkles in light."

"I am like a lighthouse, always guiding; ever bringing you home. Always glowing out to find you, keeping you safe wherever you roam."

"I am a fountain overflowing, water glimmering like gold. Happiness constantly growing, watching as my life unfolds."

"I was a lifeboat lost in the grim blue sea, but I never would've guessed it'd be your ship that rescued me."

"I won't run or hide away, won't pretend there's nothing there. Won't give up hope on you today, but I will forever care."

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