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butterfly (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2009 at 3:10am
Subject: More fun surgery >.<'
To defy my therapist [because I'm badass like that] I fucking snapped the metal plate screwed to my ulna in half.
He said it couldn't be done, so take that, I showed you bitch.

Actually, the only reason it broke is because the other shit that needs healed [Read: everything] is taking precedence over the two breaks in the forearm for some reason. Like, the ulna is snapped in half and the two ends don't even touch. Add lots of use and pressure... this makes the plate screwed over the gaping hole bow. And it finally gave out.

Soo... surgery on Tuesday. They will remove the broken plate and replace it with an even larger plate with more screws holding it in.
To make this shit not happen again, I increase my calcium dosage and they give me a device to wear on my arm at night that sends signals to the bone cells, making them work harder and faster to form new bone.

The End.
(I pray)
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03-12-09 5:26am

good luck hooker head!

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03-12-09 6:00am

You are such a bad ass xD I hope this will be the end!
<3your face, ho

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03-12-09 9:31am

IMO buttler idea of mine was awesome. AWESOME.

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