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taoman1121 (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2009 at 9:00pm
Music: The Shins - Split Needles (again?!)
Subject: The Big Dance - Day 1
michelle picked U-M to LOSE... you need to let her have it!!

imma slap dat ho


my bracket makes me want to vomit

i didn't know you had such a high opinion of [Michigan State], considering EVERYTHING you've said to me this year :-)

what did i say?

about how much you hate state

oh yes i hate them
but i hate germs too but if i got a bad one i would still pick it to kill me
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03-21-09 11:56am

My favorite Steve e-mail of all-time:

"Dear Jason,

I'm crying as i right this email. Not tears of sadness but tears of pain, or just the angle sitting here something but it has nothing to do with you :)

And now i just had a long deja vu! Not the strip club but i just lived something that i remember from a dream. Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway to the real email. So I got on Gtalk a bit ago and you were red signifying busy. I would like to discuss the opportunity you have offered me this comong friday before commiting or decommiting (that sentence ahould not be taken as a yes or a no, you will just have to live in suspense until we talk)

Since my internet feels like being a SAG writer and is taking a few days off, i will probably not be online until tomorrow at work at which time 7am-approx 4pm i will be very interested in discussing this opportunity with you.

Hopefully you will be green at some ponit tomorrow and type to me one ofthe many choices the english language has provided you with to begin a converaation.

Please excuse the typos and all that stuff. Just imagine what conan or letterman etc. would be like if their writers were on strike... Yeah thats right, im better than them because im still on air!"

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Re:, 03-21-09 12:57pm

Yeah. That's Steve.

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