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alastar (profile) wrote,
on 4-5-2009 at 2:41am
Subject: Opticcipital or Optical Apocalypse

The distinct edges and hard lines are blurring. They pulsate and quiver with an unquenchable need to escape their dimensional restraints. To shift, to fluctuate in size and shape. To annoy and drive the eyes insane*.

*[It works because calibration between the images projected upon the retina and synchronization in both timing and chemical signature is required for adequate, bearable vision. If the eyes were to perceive contrasting (to a greater degree than that created by the distance between the pupils) images of the same perceptual space, then the brain would have difficulties decoding the information properly. What would most likely occur is an image composed of blurs and disfigurements.]

Their movements are subtly unmistakable.

They are tired of defining only the objects they envelop, and wish to be seen as entities themselves. They are sick of being the outlining structure that holds everything together and inside.

To inundate, and to invade
Messages on optic nerves
To flood them and to persuade
Chemicals to make it worse

Every rod and cone there is
Each retinal layer and lens
Will rot and finally perish
As my acuity descends
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04-29-09 2:44pm


i think i'm going to come back now

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Re:, 04-30-09 12:12am

It's time. I've missed you.

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