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cJessicaPyne (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2009 at 11:33pm
Music: Burn Halo - Dirty Little Girl.
Subject: You caught me under false pretenses.
..and on my day off from Aveda and the turmoils of memorizing head and scalp conditions, what do I do?
Type up my scalp condition notes.


I have seemingly developed a creepy need to be organized.
Organized to the point of self-irritation.
I'm not just keeping an agenda. No. We're talking re-ordering my music library, being two weeks ahead on my homework, making note cards (insert 'wtf' here) for things I ALREADY HAVE MEMORIZED (or, excuse me, compartmentalized..).
I have even gone through my phone and reassigned all of my ringtones.

Not only have I tidied my own bedroom, but Courtney's as well because she's in Florida on spring vacation so she isn't here to lock me out like Cammie does and dear god I cannot help myself.

Fuck an alarm; I get up before the sun and you can bet I'm looking for senseless things to preoccupy myself with.

I mean, who has their fridge color coordinated?

This bitch right here, thanks.

Oh p.s., I've passed all of my knowledge assessments and practical applications so far.
So woo.
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comment, 04-07-09 7:36pm

Congrats on the P.S. hun. And about the super organization part, I get like that alot. I do alottttt of the deep cleaning. ttyl hunny. love you and nubbin. bye. :]

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