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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 5-4-2009 at 9:40pm
I am doing my final French translation project (Due tomorrow although it has been in my possession for...over a month. I lost it for a while and was afraid I'd have to get another copy.) and my professor gave us the weirdest things to translate.

For some reason, he gave us all old articles about the dangers of these newfangled things called...wait for it...COMPUTERS. Mine is an article from May 1991 about keeping medical records (dramatic pause) ON COMPUTERS (gasp, faint in terror etc.).

My favorite part so far?

No, it's not the part about keeping our precious family history on terribly not safe things called computers.

No, it's not the part where they talk about this whole process being a conspiracy between pharmaceutical labs and an early Apple company called NeXT (who really is only in it because the technology is available and they want to be ahead of the game).

No, my favorite part is where the author rambles on about the things that are going to be transmitted from computer to computer. Things! And...X-Rays! And...EKGs! And...notes they took when we came into the doctor's office and we talked to the doctor! His biggest fear? The fear that closes the second paragraph? He fears that while computers are in black and white now, someday they may be in color. And they will be capable of transmitting all sorts of documents like calculations performed in spreadsheets that will be able to make 3D plans!

It's great fun but this article is really way too long. Yeah final project blah blah but I'd rather be done with this already. Stupid homework.

Never again after Saturday, kids! NEVER AGAIN!

I love you all.
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05-06-09 10:45pm

oy vey.
go girl!

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