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.j.e.s.s. (profile) wrote,
on 7-10-2009 at 10:47am
Subject: a random idiot i ran into today!
so i'm trying to do this new routine every morning just a quick workout because our complex has a small gym room with some equipment and then after that take my dogs for a walk.

so anyway i get to the "gym" and start on the elliptical and it keeps saying "motor unplug" which it did this the first ti me i ever used it like after 15 minutes , but i just got off , unplugged and replugged it and then it worked fine...

but today i kept replugging it and finding different plugs and it just would not work so instead i used a bike thing for like 10 minutes and then tried the elip again and it finally worked... so i did my workout on that and then .... this is the whole point of my story...

i walk back to my apartment and get the dogs and here i am walking, and i walk out of the apartment area/property and start down a road that turns into a housing development with pretty nice houses and i'm like just getting to the road with the houses, minding my own darn business with my dogs, and this stupid BITCH pulls up in her car and rolls down her window and says to me,

"You better be picking up after your dogs!"

and I say, "what?"

and she says "I dont see you holdin' no pooper scooper ! (notice the poor grammar which just made me more annoyed)

and i'm like "umm i have baggies right here! thanks!" (because i have the little clip on baggie holder-)

keep in mind my dogs are 6 and 12 lbs- they are not big dogs- they really dont create a lot of waste- i dont have to carry around a fricken SHOVEL to take care of the mess my dogs make... i'm not going to wheel around a fricken trash bin with me either ok.....

gAWD she was a stupid bitch!!!! i wanted to punch her in her fricken mouth. i called her a bitch after that but i'm not sure if she heard me because she was starting to pull away. i just HOPE she felt like a stupid bitch after she did that. how rude! i wasn't even doing anything wrong.

and she just put me in a horrible mood and UGGHGHGH i hate people like that!
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07-10-09 11:58am

What a bitch. Mind your damn business lady! I hate when people are hostile and rude for absolutely NO reason. It's not like she's seen you out walking before, and you weren't picking up after your dog, so she had to tell you.

God, I HATE that. And her atrocious grammar would have just put me over the edge.

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