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jedibumblebee (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2009 at 10:04pm
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07-13-09 10:59pm

AWww. But evil.

I'm currently letting Joey and my cats fight it out. I figure it's the only way that they'll ever get along. I'm just making Joey walk around with her leash dragging in case things get too out of hand I can grab her easier.

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Re:, 07-14-09 7:34am

Ha. That's why we got him while he's tiny- the cats still have a bit of size on him, at least for a few weeks.

He actually adores the cats, but they're not so sure about him yet.

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Re: Re:, 07-14-09 2:39pm

Same way over here. Joey will chase the cats a little, but she seems to LIKE them and want to be with them. The cats are the ones that want nothing to do with her and claw at her.

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