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HyruleanHero1988 (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2009 at 10:06pm
Current mood: calm
Yesterday was my first day of classes. Mondays are going to suck. I have classes from 10am-3pm, and then from 4pm-7pm.This semester could be rough. All of my classes seem to be pretty difficult. My first class was Japanese 2. I have remembered very little Japanese. I hope I pick it back up fairly quickly... My next class was Calculus 2. We jumped right into Taylor Polynomials... Those are confusing as hell. Next class was Modern Physics, which will be rough because it seems to revolve mostly around programming in Python, and I am not so good at programming, Never used Python before. Also the professor has a thick Spanish accent. The next class, in the same building, is CS 1372, a C language programming course, which WILL suck, but I'm ok with that. I'd accepted that long before I even got in the class room. At least I got the best possible professor for this course. After that is my ECE course, which doesn't seem as killer as my earlier four classes, but it could still be very difficult. It all sounds pretty complicated... The professor used to be on the mars rover team. After that I had a one hour lunch, so I made my way back to my apartment, had a quick lunch, and got to talk to Heather some before my lab. I couldn't find my lab building, so I was late to lab. The lab sucked pretty hard, as we were all expected to work on something in lab to prove we were there, but there weren't enough computers, so I spend most of my lab trying to fix one of the computers so that I could get a grade. The lab itself was vectors, which I have no idea how to do since I have never been in Calc 2 before, and Python, which I have no experience of. So that sucked, but after it was over, I made my way back and watched Brazil (Very strange movie, but I'd recommend it) and talked to Heather some. She always cheers me up.

Today I only had one class, Calc recitation. My TA is a Chinese guy who speaks very little English. In fact, he speaks like my most brutal Engrish impersonation. No word is a one syllable word. For example: X = EH KE SU, Prime = POO RI MU, Dot = DOH TU.... I wonder if this is Karma... You know what? Instead of trying to describe this, I'll just let you hear for yourself. I took a video in class, I couldn't get a visual, but you can hear him clearly enough. He's trying to talk through a part of one problem.

After that was over, it was raining of course, and I have no idea where my umbrella is, so I walked back to my apartment in the rain. Oh God, my apartment. Such a nice change. It will make all the difference. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and I am always all by myself. My own room! It's so nice... I love it. I can work, play, and sleep all completely on my own schedule....

Today I slept from around when I got back from class to about 9pm. What is wrong with me? I guess I just need to get back on the day shift.

Heather makes all of this worthwhile. I love her so much. When I talk to her I am happy. I miss her so much. She is always on my mind. God she is wonderful... *happy sigh* <3

Here is my schedule for anyone who may be interested:

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