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shroudofrain (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2009 at 11:31am
What can be said? What can be told that hasn't already been uttered before for the sake of knowing that things aren't right, and that change, nay... revolution must commence for the sake of love, mystery, and fellowship?
Government promises change, individuals promise change, yet no one offers revolution, because it's too drastic.
Things are getting complicated now in this day, lines are being blurred, and even hard truth is being pulled into question every single day about things that we once strongly believed to be true and right and fair.
Don't get me wrong, however: Questioning is something needed and should be accepted by any sex of religion, organization, and government, but when the questions begin to loose their humility, when the questions begin to be less and less raw, and more and more about trying to prove a statement wrong that you are either tired of or you don't think is right, then what is the point of questioning if it's only for selfish gain? How does it better anyone else but the questioning individual, and as a matter of fact I wouldn't even call what the person is doing a questioning individual. I'd go as far as to title them a demon, because all they are doing is making others doubt so that they loose sight of what is true and right, to see a view that really only the individual believes is right just because it looks good and it's different from the other view that they don't even understand why they don't like in the first place. Because it doesn't make sense? That's a cop-out, and here's why:
In school, if something didn't make sense, you would question the teacher, right? If your parents say something that doesn't sound right or they say something that you don't understand, what do you do? Just say "Screw you," and go off doing your own project or chore? No, you question the teacher or parent or whoever... because you don't understand; because it doesn't make sense to you. Why is this scene any different in the topic of God? If something doesn't make sense, people question in any other facet of life besides this one, and that amazes me.
A revolution needs to take place. A drastic change needs to happen to change how people view God, church, and their spirit. Churches today have painted a grotesque picture of what Jesus looked like, believed, and did. They sculpted a horrible representation of God in their million dollar buildings that are only to be used to the congregation, and built a fellowship that you have to gain membership into the body of Christ. This "Christdom" if you will has become overweight, too powerful, and it overshadows what should really be seen in terms of what Christ did, believe, and tried to show the world. God is seen as a guy waiting to strike down anyone who comes in his path. Christ is seen as a pretty neat guy that people would like to get to know... as long as you hate gays. Both of those depictions are things that the church in general has fed us with, and I'm surprised so many have taken it for this long.
What would it look like for a church to give out half of what it gets in in offering.
What would it look like for a church to not be confined by walls or a building?
What would it look like for a church to help its community any way possible?
To cloth and feed and house the needy?
To love anyone who walks through the doors or what have you?
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09-01-09 1:14pm

Not sure I understood alot of that. But from what I may have understood, you don't think people need to ask questions. Well, I believe they should, as many as possible. Challenging one's faith is the pinnacle of human evolution. To not blindly believe in something just because someone says it's right for you. The problem is, we have no one to ask those questions. Many pastors and priests now are not concerned with clearing up any misconceptions about their religion. They don't seem to want to save any more souls. They want to tell people that their faith is what is most important and how to practice it the right way. To merely be a parent, yelling at their child. I would want to scream screw you to a wall that didn't move or change or bend to understand what I say. That so many people blindly practice and believe is fucking ignorant. Questioning faith is important to the evolution of not only the mind, but the spirit as well. It also makes the religion stronger, I believe.

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Re: , 09-01-09 8:21pm

First off: No no no no no. You got it all wrong at the start. I love questioning. I said many times, "If you don't understand something, you question," because you get answers. If you question, you admit you don't know all the answers and questioning shows humility, and that's good, but when the questions loose the humility, if the questions loose the rawness of why you should question in the first place and if questions take up this sense of "I want to prove you wrong so much that I will question, not to gain anything, but to try and make you trip up on what you say," then that's not questioning, and that's not right.

Secondly, I agree that questioning faith is important and makes those beliefs stronger and better to survive because they are being put to test and you get to bounce ideas against others.
But like I said, if you're questioning your teacher in school just to be an ass, you aren't benefiting any of your classmates, yourself, or your teacher, and that's what I was ranting about.

Guess I need to word myself a bit better next time.

How are you by the way?

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Re: Re: , 09-03-09 12:23pm

Pretty exhausted and stressed out. Read my new journal: "goodbye". I'll post a journal about it.

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