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Triple (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2009 at 12:15am
Subject: RFD

Yesterday was awesome! nothing like drinking beer, and getting messed up with a bunch of cool ass friends that I hadn't seen in a minute. Saw A.j, Chelsea,Chris, Gravy and Jen, Chelsea Towns, Heather, Sam Ham, the list is almost endless! I know I got pretty fucked up. I still feel kinda drunk or something...

oh, and lookie here,

Trees worst nightmare
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10-04-09 6:01pm

I swear I only hang out with you once a year, and that's red flannel day. lol!

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Re: , 10-04-09 7:06pm

I'm gunna try and have a party b4 winter, so maybe it'll be 2x a year heh

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Re: Re: , 10-05-09 1:57pm

Yay! lol! We'll have to get your number from you so we can invite you next time we have a party at our place then we can just make it a regular thing. lol!

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