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xxxxxxxxxx (profile) wrote,
on 10-28-2009 at 11:58pm
Current mood: stressed
Subject: It's all about dreams - it's all about making the best out of everything. You'll know when you're fine, 'cause you'll talk like a mime..
If only I could figure out what I wanted to do in life.
I seriously thought I was on the right track, and knew what I wanted.. but everything changes so fast. I can't help but be stressed out.

Anyone that knows me - what can you see me doing?

I've made a couple good decisions, but it's not all adding up how I would like. I don't have the grades for certain things, or the patience.

I'm leaning towards one of my first choices - Pharmacy Tech, or my newfound interest - Radiologic Technologist.

I'm at a fork and it seems impossible.
Say-say-say-say-say-say it.
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10-29-09 12:34am

Knock it off

You are nineteen years old. You think your gonna know who you are and what your gonna be? You'd be crazy if you knew for sure. Stop stressin' lady it'll come to you.

Dont be a chump, cover your stump, before you hump.

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10-29-09 5:58pm

you don't need school to be a pharm tech, just apply at walgreens, that's what i was when i was there. if you work there for a year you get certified.

have you thought about doing make up or hair? that's what i kind of pictured in my head. if you're looking for a shorter degree like a 2 year one, you can get cisco network certified at most community colleges (not sure how you'd feel about computers though).

really though, i'm 23 and i just figured out what i'm going to do.

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Re: , 10-30-09 12:13pm

That's what I've been figuring out, and I completely forgot that you worked there! I don't remember if you liked it or not though.. how was it? was the pay good?

Yeah, after high school I was actually signed up at Aveda. I withdrew because I was really afraid I wasn't going to make any money, and the thought of messing people's hair up scares me. I'm thinking about going into the Radiologic Technology program at the school I'm at - good pay, just need the grades to get in.

What did you decide on?

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Re: Re: , 10-30-09 12:20pm

only like $8.change, it's too stressful and you feel like a robot.

i'm going for information technology

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Re: Re: Re: , 10-30-09 12:44pm

That's what I've heard. I don't think I'd do too well with it all. I'm scared to death of some of the classes I'm going to have to take for radiology though.

That's awesome, I can see you enjoying that. :) Are you still going to the same school?

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