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dabestyougot69 (profile) wrote,
on 1-27-2010 at 11:33am
Current mood: ditzy
Music: Tengo Hambre De Ti- Band
Subject: Writing
My brain is compacting with all the information i've jsut processed and typed up in the past five hours.
I've written two essays, and I have one big one I need to get done. I amnot worried about completing it, it's simple, and i know it's goign to be easy to do, but i have to arrange all my thoughts onto a single sheet of white nothingness on my computer without distraction or anything else and i'm not sure if I cn
I feel like my brain is goping to explode.
but it's ok.
i had a very nice night with my love.
And a very nice talk with my past.
And I keep thinking about both of them and about what I am going to do.
my heart goes out to my love, because i kinda get what he;'s feeling, even if he never says it.
I want to make him happy.
And he made me happy!
Haha sometimes I don;t expect him to be so cute.A\
And I don't even remember what went on last night
I kept falling asleep.
maybe one night I can do it with the person who originated that.

I need to take a break.
because i might die.
the end.


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