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loonygoth (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2010 at 6:02pm
vintage shopping
serendipity fayre and vintage pretty!
i did soo much buying- i got a new 50s dress, some cards for peoples birthdays , a necklace thats made out of a rock and an old guitar sting (so much better than it sounds..) and some hand made pants! though i haven't decided yet if they're for me of for my mate for her birthday..almost too good to give away!

AND i got my shirt for the sewing course at the milkwood gallery- its white, blue and orange, really 70s and its got cyclists all over! amazing!

had more cake in debenhams and dinner in bella itallia- it was good to catch up wit h amanda,jen and andy and get some mooching in- any excuse to get out of the house!

i have almost written my sample piece for oh comely magazine- thats my aim for this evening! (since i have the house to myself for now!)
i might also have a go at setting up my sewing machine (no further ambitions than treading it correctly- and even that will be a bonus!)

jen, amanda and i are thinking we might have a stall at a vintage pretty fayre and see if we can make some pennies for our crafty type creations. we shall see..
it would be a ice way to meet people and a pleasurable way to spend a saturday. its just weather or not we could make enough stuff to fill a stall..
probably, i could make bathbombs and fascinators, amanda will make her jewelary and jen with her paintings. i guess we could make some bunting and stuff too so..i dunno..needs more though.
planning was never my strong point.
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