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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2010 at 2:56am
Nick and I are moving to the Seattle area (Redmond or Bellevue, probably) next year.

This is as long as he finishes what he's doing at CC and gets accepted to the school he wants to go to out there. Both of which are very likely and probably most definitely will happen.

So, I'm already pretty nervous/excited about this. Moving out west means higher rent, higher gas prices, higher everything but it's what we've wanted to do for a long time and now we have the chance to do it. Plus it means maybe a scooter for me which ohmanissoexcitingkidsiamsoexcited.

Things I am currently nervous about:
The actual moving process
Moving our 2 cats
Finding a job
Finding a place to live

Any tips on cross-country or long distance moving between now and July 2011 would be appreciated. I have moved states before but only when I was too young to help out or know the logistics of the whole process. And it was never more than 6 hours away. Also, any Seattle advice would be welcomed with open arms.

I love you all.

P.S. This move means we definitely will get married this year. Exclamation point.
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05-31-10 6:54am

Hm, Jason and I can definitely give some tips, but I'm headed off to work, so I will get back to you. Congrats PS!

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05-31-10 11:38am

Bellevue/Redmond is the most expensive place to live in the Seattle metro area. I used to live at 4281 148th ave NE and they were pretty nice aprtments, quite with decent management. Low crime. My 1 bedroom was $1100 a month.

I'm so jealous of you!!! You're going to love Seattle!

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05-31-10 11:47am

Tons of exciting news! I don't have great advice, because I've only moved from Lansing to Chicago and that wasn't too bad.

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05-31-10 9:17pm

If you want, we can hook up for coffee or whatever when I'm home to GR in a couple weeks (6/15-6/23). You can pick my brain on transferring your life. I've been out to Seattle as well, so I can provide a modicum amount of info there. Just let me know.

And, by the way, congrats!

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Re: , 06-01-10 2:23am

I would LOVE to pick your brain. And finally meet so Nick doesn't make me call you kids my "internet friends" whenever I bring you two up.

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06-04-10 12:37am

Jobs are so easy to find on the west side. Dude. This is exciting! If you get there my sister and I could definitely tell you some radical places you have to go :D

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Re: , 06-16-10 10:14pm

Oh man this just made me really that selfish of me? I want my son/daughter to have their amazing aunt/uncle around...from 3 sets down to 1 will be living in michigan in a year :(

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