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angel_bob (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2010 at 2:46am
Nick and I set a date.

October 23, 2010.

No, he didn't propose yet. Yes, I'm crazy. Yes, I'm planning it already.

I just figured that if I'm going to get married by the end of the year, I should start planning. I made him set a date without formally proposing since I already know we're going to get married (and have known for years). Talking to my mom (she was naming places and planning and talking about dropping her dress off and food and who to was awesome), really kick-started the process.

I also realized time is flying by and it's almost July. Like I said, if I want to get this done this year, I should start planning now.

I'm not counting myself as engaged until the ring is on the finger but this is official, kids. I'm not joking.

I'm more excited about this than I think I will be about the proposal.

I love you all.

P.S. I wanted to get married earlier but Nick and I already have the days off of work for October (and we won't have the money by August or September) so I figured why not do it then. I hate that being an adult means planning our wedding around when we can get time off but it's better than never doing it!

P.P.S. I wanted October 10 because then it would be 10-10-10 and Nick would remember it easily. Also 101010 in binary? 42. Perfect. But Nick said he's not planning our wedding on a day "because it looks good in binary" and he sent me this:

public static main()
If (you == "robot")
Console.WriteLine("Are you sure?);

P.P.P.S. I don't think Nick's mentioned it to his family yet. I kind of don't want to yet because his older sister just got engaged and I don't want to ruin her moment. Everyone should have a moment that is all about them. Like birthday week. I just told people at work because I was excited.

P.P.P.P.S. Nick's grandfather is doing okay. Thanks, everyone. They ended up not giving him bypass surgery and just putting stints in because they don't think he could handle bypass. However, they give him a good 3-5 years as he is so yay for mediocre health!
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06-19-10 7:23am

I don't care, go ahead and tell them. Oliver just wanted to do it on our anniversary and we were scared to wait until next year. If I can't have both grandfathers there we wanted to be very sure that I could have at least one there. I think us getting married is a bigger deal to everyone else than it is to Oliver and I. I care about the marriage, not the wedding. We've been together for 9 years at this point, it's life as usual.

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06-19-10 8:49am

That's nerdyawesome.

Congrats girl!

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07-06-10 10:39pm

I see what I missed here. Lol. Well, gratz all the same. :)

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