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jes (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2010 at 11:48am
Current mood: annoyed
Subject: un-grateful.
I'm annoyed by people and their constant complaining. Be grateful for something! Find the positive somewhere in the negative.

I know everyone needs to vent and that's understandable,but there's just no reason to think the world is coming to an end because heaven forbid something doesn't go our way.

People are homeless, starving, filthy and cold sleeping under bridges with no family, no friends, no hope, people are fighting cancer, greifing loss, have nothing to call their own after disasters strike, and everyday we find a reason to complain. My life isn't perfect, my prayer list is 10 pages long, but I'm still grateful and HAPPY!

Sometimes I wish certain people would wake up on the other side of the world, with nothing but faith..and maybe they'd be a bit more apprciative and not act like the world is ending because of petty and pathetic crap.
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