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jes (profile) wrote,
on 7-28-2010 at 2:38pm
Well we had two names picked out for both sexes. One he really liked for a girl, and one I really liked. Vice versa for the boy. Here they are:

Jess-(Girl) Addison Hope Ellison
(Boy) Aiden Gabriel Ellison

Ryan-(Girl) Hailey Brooke Ellison
(Boy) Landon Grabriel Ellison

So because I couldn't swade him to pick both my names, and I REALLY love Addison, we decided if it's a girl, it'll be Addison, if it's a boy he gets his pick and it'll be Landon. Although I have to say...I still can't quiet picture all. "Landon, honey come here" or "Landon Gabriel Ellison you are in big trouble mister"....I can't picture it. *crosses my fingers* it's a girl, so I have another two years to talk him into liking Aiden lol.
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07-28-10 8:30pm

i like addison and i like landon so i agree with letting you pick the girls name and him pick the boys name. yay!

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baby names, 08-16-10 7:49pm

I love the names Gabriel and Aidan. =)

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