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Rissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2010 at 5:23pm
Current mood: discontent
So I dropped my grandma off at the airport yesterday, which means I'm now in charge of six different cats.. not including my own two that I've been neglecting, which makes eight.

The sunrise was BEAUTIFUL yesterday, I managed to get a few shitty pictures from my phone.

Seriously, you'd think that a $500 blackberry would have a better camera.

Anyway. I went to check on her cat for the first time today and she had already managed to get out of the house. My grandma told me it gets out through the AC in the window, so she taped the sides shut and when I got there the tape was torn up on the floor. I didn't have the patience to wait there any longer than 20 minutes for it to come back, so I left the window open. I hope he's fucking back when I go later or I really don't know what I'll do. That poor cat just recently suffered a really bad neck injury, and now it's back out in the wild probably getting beat up again by other cats. It fucking stresses me out to no end because there's NOTHING I can do.

I'd wait there all day for him to come back, but my grandmother is a hoarder. Her house is so dirty... I just can't handle being in there for any longer than I have to. Makes me a fucking anxious mess like I've been ever since I've been in charge of all these damn cats.

All I can do is sit and hope that it's alright and will get back inside safely AND STAY THERE until I return. =l
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