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rissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2010 at 3:13am
Current mood: accomplished
I just put Blind Melon and Smashing Pumpkins on a Pandora station and got a Brand New song.. weird.

I'm bored and my mind won't stop racing, so I might as well..

You look at me and think that you want me--Ooh, love's a liar.
Created by yourheaventonight and taken 119 times on Bzoink
What's your name, baby? ;]: ... Marissa.
And how are you doing on this fine day?: meh.
Alright, enough of that. We all know how boring that shit is.
So, do you believe in any conspiracy theories?: nope.
Do you prefer actual books or those weird devices like the Kindle? : .. books, please.
Is there a certain social networking site you just can't stay away from?: facebook mostly.
Do you prefer female or male vocalists?: male usually.
How do you feel about the oil spill in the Gulf?: huge environmental disaster, but how I feel doesn't really matter.
Around what time do you start feeling tired enough to go to sleep?: I don't really know.. it's 3:16 in the morning right now. maybe 4-5? I really need to get my sleeping schedule fixed..
What trends do you refuse to give in to?: fuckin scene kids .. hey guys, remember the 90's? let's go back.
What types of perfume/cologne do you like on your preferred sex?: Idk, Matt naturally smells delicious. his cologne is good too.
What subjects in history interest you most?: global history was my favorite.. I don't really remember a specific favorite part
When was the last time you went bowling?: god knows
Are you superstitious in any way?: kind of
How do you get rid of anxiety?: I get high. frequently.
Do you find it easy to express your feelings to someone?: depends. sometimes I have a hard time putting words together and forming.. coherent sentences.
^How about when you really, really care for that person?: well it's pretty easy for me to express my feelings to Matt, so. I think it's easier when I really, really care.
Are there any items of jewelry you never/rarely take off?: this Gemini necklace Matt bought me years ago from the Native American store in the mall.. I love it :3
Has a song ever made you cry before?: story of my life
^If so, what about it brought you to tears?: Shannon's passionate singing and BEAUTIFUL, inspiring yet sometimes depressing lyrics
Are you a more of a homebody, or someone who's always out with friends?: definitely more of a homebody. I go out, but I mostly stay in with my friends or my boyfriend.
What's the title of the book nearest to you?: I'm not moving.
Do you tend to make a lot of sacrifices in the name of love or friendship?: hmm... not really. maybe I just don't realize it? I don't really care, I'm happy with my life.
Are you materialistic?: sometimes.
Describe the person you like/love in five words.: loyal, extremely caring, funny, ADORABLE .. is that five?
Would you consider yourself open-minded?: yes.
Is there anything in your life right now that needs fixing?: my room.
Are you old fashioned in any way?: not really?
Do you find yourself correcting people's grammar often?: I don't correct, I just pass judgements.
When was the last time someone gave you a massage?: today?
Reese's ice cream: Yay or nay?: Reese's anything: yay.
Tell me something about yourself that I might find interesting.: I was sent to an alternative high school from 10th grade 'til I graduated because I had a pretty severe anxiety disorder.
Would you say that the simple things in life make you happy?: most definitely.
Aren't cinnamon rolls downright heavenly? :3: fuck no. sugar sugar sugar ew
When was the last time you were in an amazingly awesome mood?: ugh too long ago? but I DON'T KNOW RHCP JUST CAME ON PANDORA THAT MIGHT CHANGE RIGHT NOW
Do you come up with your own words or sayings often?: no.
Have you ever been on xD: yeah.
Which holiday do you dislike most?: thanksgiving. I hate turkey. and mashed potatos. get out of my house.
Were you ever into that gel bracelet craze?: before it became a craze. they were banned from my middle school because everyone called them ~fuck bracelets~
Do you have any scars on the palms of your hands?: nope.
What's the first thing you think of when I say 'pearl necklace'?: LMFAO +1 for creativity, nice.
How do you handle stress?: I TOLD YOU. I get high.
Have you ever had jury duty?: no but that seems exciting.
Gummi worms: Yay or nay?: GUMMI ANYTHING: NAY NAY.
What do you do when you have 'me time'?: .... this. I feel extremely lonely. I used to LOVE being alone and it really bothers me that I can't be alone anymore :3
What's your opinion on Weird Al Yankovic?: kind of funny, not really
Have you ever met someone online that you wanted to meet in real life?: ... what? yes, and I've met them all except oneee LEEENERS but it'll happen it must.
Is there something you need to get off your chest at the moment?: this life is more than ordinary
What would be a clever name for a giraffe?: not jeffrey
Do you always mean it when you say 'I love you'?: FUCK YEAH PANDORA DID IT AGAIN MARCYS PLAYGROUND ... yes always.
When was the last time you got your car washed?: too long.
Give me an example of a sick death metal band. : fuck death metal, listen to gorgoroth because gaahl is a fascinating psychopath
How often do you listen to bands from other countries?: ugh everytime I'm in the car with my boyfriend. swedish/norweigan EVERYTHING.
Do you tan easily?: actually yes, I just found that out this summer.
When was the last time you entertained yourself with shadow puppets? :3: IDFK WHEN I WAS LIKE 6. grow up and do coke like an adult.
Sorry to end this so abruptly. I'm in need of sustenance and a nap.
So yeah. Rate & save--I'll love you forever. :] <3
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