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rissa (profile) wrote,
on 9-15-2010 at 1:14pm
So I brought my iMac into Apple to be fixed at 10 in the morning on Sunday. They told me it'd take one to three days. I just called to check on the status of my computer, and they told me they haven't even touched it yet.

.. seriously, guys? I'm grateful as hell for this beautiful computer but why my father didn't just go with a Dell, I'll never know. I've only had it for four months and it already just stopped working. I've never had ANY problems with any single Dell computer I've ever owned in my entire life. Never had a virus, random blue screen of death, nothing. Ever. Four months into my first Apple and this shit happens. MEH.
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09-15-10 3:45pm

That's so funny, because I've had the opposite experience. I always had trouble with Dell. I had my last laptop 3 months, and it completely crashed. And I never did anything with it, only wrote papers for school and go on facebook. I never onced looked at porn, or downloaded music off of limewire and it just bombed on me. I bought a Mac about 8 months ago and have never had a problem with it. I must say though, I have had serious problems with my ipod and they are stupid, arrogant douchebags when I go in with a problem.

But I am sorry to hear that they aren't working on it. They, computer genius', should know that laptops are important and should work on them asap. They have thousands of techs working for Apple, they could atleast take a look at it!!

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06-17-17 8:53am

My sister owns a Macbook. I prefer Dells too. :-)

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