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mbenznut (profile) wrote,
on 9-24-2010 at 7:40pm
Last Friday, over 400 Pittsburgh high school seniors were expecting another boring lecture about the importance of donating blood, but got something much more interesting. When Assistant Principal Tim Kotch flipped the switch to turn on the Power Point presentation, several gay porn pics appeared. Oops!

"It took a few seconds for people to process what was up there," said one student. "People were laughing, but the main thing was people were like, 'I can't believe this happened.' "

The representative from the Central Blood Bank (CBB), who brought in the flash drive that had the photos on it, was visibly embarrassed but managed to complete his presentation.

"There were some images projected that were -- we'll just leave it go as 'undesirable,' " said Detective Sgt. Jeffrey Bouldin. "We're still trying to determine how that occurred."

The employee has been suspended because of the incident. "Per organizational policy, employees are not allowed to use flash drives and are required to review their presentations in advance with their supervisor; in this situation, the employee ignored these policies," a letter from the blood bank to the parents of the students stated.

Had the employee been on his toes he could have integrated the photos with the presentation, along the line of "If you're going to do things like this, then we won't be wanting your blood." Hey, it might have worked.
[Post Gazette]
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09-25-10 5:59pm

I bet you would have gotten an A in that class.

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