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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 6-11-2011 at 2:48pm
Current mood: cranky
Subject: Bloop.
I thought what was happening was strep, but I'm starting to think that I have gotten the flu instead. Either way, my willpower to be in the library is solid fucking steel. Who says I can't handle pressure?

I haven no idea. I am so freaking drugged up right now.
(about an hour later)

I can't do this. I am about to pass out. I was hoping to be able to connect to people for like 2 hours but no-one worthwhile is online and I feel like shit. I'm supposed to be going to Kelsey's birthday party tonight but I can't imagine being able to. I have the chills, the body aches, the nose that is an endless faustet... my throat is killing me and my ear infection isn't getting dented.

I just want a damn hug, but I can't even get that.
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