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arrivistemerkaba (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2011 at 2:47pm
Current mood: crushed
Subject: Feist of the heart.
Wednesday night, my mother and I went to Lauri's house. We sat while she cried, sobbed, threatened to hurt herself, did in fact hurt herelf, and begged us not to take her.

Her boss had set up a detox session for her earlier in the day, she had to be checked in by midnight or her work wouldn't cover it. By 1030 we couldn't give her anymore time. As a team effort we dragged her into the car, mom running to start it and me swatting her hands away from the doors and windows.

Together we all drove to Intermountain, and she screamed at us, saying she would jump out of the car. I yelled at her, my breaking point having been shattered three months ago. She said if we could get her there alive she would stay for the whole treatment, and then hit my mother with the seatbelt while reaching for the door lock. I caught her by the shoulders and pulled her into a locked position from behind the seat.

Upon arrival we got her into the building, to be told that she couldn't be admitted until she was sober. She was blowing 2.somthings at that point. Explaining the situation they sent us to the ER where she was told to sit until she could blow sober. Hours and hours later that happened, she was exhausted, like all of us. We finally got her into the detox center, and mother cried outside the building for another hour. Her guilt plowing into her, both for being the one that BOUGHT Lauri beer three times a day and for being the person who had to take her into the clinic.

She'd forgotten I was there.

Eventually we got home, and grandma assigned me the job of cleaning Lauri's house from top to bottom so that when she is let out on Monday it will be comfortable.

I finally got to sleep at 5 this morning.
Then I woke up early today so I could come to the library, walking. My bike tires had exploded on Tuesday.

This week sucks.
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